Broached Commissions is a unique creative direction in contemporary design that brings together historians, curators, designers and artisans to create works that relate deeply to a particular place or tangible set of experiences.

Private Commissions by the Broached team are conducted in residential, commercial and public environments.

Founded in 2011, the collective expertise of Broached Commissions spans the areas of creative direction, furniture, and industrial design with broad experience in creating temporary and permanent installations for architectural and domestic interiors, landscaped areas and public spaces.

We seek clients who are excited by a research driven process, with a vision they wish to see developed into an insightful and engaging contemporary experience. Our research methodologies and international network of designers, artisans and manufacturers delivers a unique response to each context we encounter.

Broached Commissions deliver a highly structured consultative process that ensures the client has considerable input throughout the development of the project. With a strong sense of narrative, the creative direction of the commission engages the ambitions of the client with a broader context of the history and contemporary use of the site and connects this to our local and international designers and artisans to deliver innovative bespoke pieces.